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I was so tired of fighting and losing, I needed stability. The kind only God could give me.

I had to make a decision; Am I going to continue down this path, creating the same generational curses and situations for my children? Or am I going to break these chains and take up my cross and follow the Lord's will into generational blessings and freedom? " 


This is just a small portion of my self published book "Something Has Got to Break - How to Live Spiritually Free Without Ever Having to Deal With the Bondage and Chains of Your Past Again." 


Anyone who knows me personally knows I've been working about a year and a half to two years on trying to put what God has given me together for this book.


If you have ever felt stuck in life, finding yourself in the same situations over and over again, ORDER THIS BOOK! 


That was me. Every year, my life was the same: Get my income tax money, pay a down payment on a car, a deposit on another place, and pray that this time is different. Until about 6 months in, (the last time was less than that) and I'm right back struggling, waiting on next year to do it all again...


I was depressed. I found myself constantly asking, "why is this happening to me?(again) I'm a good person." Relationships, professional, romantic, and social, were failing... But why? 


I had to learn that being a good person wasn't enough. I had internal issues that caused me to make bad decisions, and until they were resolved, I would remain on the hamster wheel that I then called life.


In this book, you will learn about the power of perception,  strong holds and soul ties, generational curses, and many other factors that caused me to live outside of the Will of God.

I praise God for growth and blessing me with the opportunity to write this book and help others that have found themselves in the same situations! 


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Please do not forget to grab your matching journal and Testimony Tee! 

Something Has Got to Break - Large Print!

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  • Please allow 10 -14 days for processing. Delivery may vary by destination.  

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