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This life was not working, I thought to myself. I had to find my purpose in life. Why was I created? To understand this, I had to turn to my creator. Once I learned how to pray, and really started to nourish my relationship with him, things took a drastic turn for the best!

And with our She Is Armed and Dangerous Prayer Journal, so can yours!


This beautiful prayer journal is hand crafted and packed with 100 pages full of areas to organize and record Gratitude, Praise Reports, Prayer Requests, S.O.A.P and more! Sent directly to your home. 


"Today, I can walk in my purpose, freely! I am not slowed down by the weight of all the burdens I once carried. I am no longer putting "band-aids" on broken foundations, but building them firm, and with God at the center as my Cornerstone."

Journal Contents Include:

I am grateful for

Today's Scripture

Corresponding Scripture

Hear My heart's cry

Prayer requests

Praise reports





Here at Tha Vine Revelations, our goal with our journals, planners, and workbooks is to help prevent and reduce the anxiety and stress of today's chaos. This is just a start to a huge movement that the Lord has laid on my heart. It is centered towards women's mental health, anxiety, depression and stress.



We are enough, and we are important and so is our mental health! 


We try to carry so much and play so many roles in life when the Lord is standing there with open arms begging us to give it to him. It's really deep but so many women suffer from it. Some know that they do and some do not. I have before I completely surrendered to God. I am not saying that I do not still have my days, but I now know not only WHO to turn to, but HOW and I want to share that with others !



She Is Armed and Dangerous Prayer Journal Black Hair

SKU: 364115376135191
Restock order is expected to be shipped by the end of April!
  • 8.5 x 11”
    100 Sheets/Perfect Bound

    *** I do not claim ownership of the images or licensed characters used in my designs.


    Takes approximately 10-14 business days for processing, unless otherwise communicated.

    Shipping time is in addition to processing time.

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