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Hello friend! I am so grateful that you have decided to take the leap of faith and secure your autographed copy of Jesus knows my Battles! 31-Day Devotional! 

Fortunately, this devotional is not about me. This devotional is not filled with my testimonies or thoughts. THIS devotional is ALL. ABOUT. YOU!!! This is a 100% guided application devotional to guide you into God’s word and help you to bring your anxieties to Jesus! 


1 Peter 5:7 states “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you,” (NIV) and with Jesus Knows my Battles 31-Day Anxiety Devotional, I’ll show you how! 


In this book you will find:

•God’s word for every one of the 31 days. 

•Personal application that is thought provoking to help reveal your gratitude, your struggles as well as any help that you may need to ask of the Lord. 

•Once this application has been completed for the day, there will be a prayer starter and space for you to continue your own prayer. 


So if you feel like you’ve tried everything, and still feel like you can’t lay it down at the feet of Jesus, or maybe you can but then you find yourself picking it back up, then this is the devotional for you. 



Here are just a FEW of the reviews! 


“Jesus Knows My Battles is one of the most powerful journals I have ever seen. The scriptures are rhema words for anyone struggling with anxiety. Each scripture is thought provoking and ushers the reader right into the presence of God where anxiety and everything else that is not of God has to flee. Powerful.”

Zenene Davis

ZLD Empowers

Author of The Water Is Troubled, Jump In, Breaking Out of Stagnation 

and Co-Author of Destiny Catalyst 



“Jesus Knows My Battles 31 Day Anxiety Devotional” is a simple & down to earth way to face your battles head on with Jesus! This practical journal allows us to reflect on the good while prayerfully confronting the difficulties of life! A must have for every season of our walks with Christ! This guide allows us to note our gratitude which is so important in changing our mental health perspectives.  A must read!”

Pastor Tiffany Bell of Yielded Life



“If used, this book can be instrumental in the process of healing and gaining victory over anxiety. The book is interactive and thought provoking. It is a must have for anyone who struggles with anxiety, fear, or worry. “

Nichole Henson, MSW 

Fullness of Joy Ministry



“With everyday life struggles and constant battles that we face, this book is the blessing you need to help keep you mentally rooted and grounded in God's word!”

Cina Hyde 

CEO PusHer of Fayth Accountability & Coaching



My prayer with this book is that we learn to truly surrender it all to the Lord and not just say that we do. Which is easier said than done, but this is why the Lord gave me this book to teach you how to use His Word and Your gratitude to cast out the spirit of fear and anxiety. And anything else that is not of God that has set up camp in your life. You can do this! God has given us everything we need! Now, let's learn to use it! - Ashley


The cost of the autographed Jesus knows my Battles! is $24.99!


AVAILABLE NOW FOR PRE-ORDERS! Fill in the information below and click the link to be rerouted for payment.

Jesus knows my Battles! 31-Day Devotional - PRE ORDER

Made to order. Please allow 10 - 14 business days for production. Shipping times may vary per location.may vary according to your local delivery service.
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