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Welcome friend to the Jesus Knows My Battles 31-day Challenge!


Organize and list your daily anxieties and as well as your prayer requests. Start your challenge by listing your gratitude, then list your struggles. Afterwards, list the things that you will then pray for God to help you with. Then of course, PRAY! 


Complete this 31-day challenge and reflect on the progress made and needed at the end of the month. Try it once or complete it every month for maximum results. You may also pair it with Bible reading, affirmations, or additional notes. 


Please share your story with us or let us know what you think about this journal at or share your thoughts with us on social media @thavinerevelations on Facebook and Instagram.


I pray that you enjoy this journal and that you will find relief and refuge in Jesus throughout your completion challenge!

Jesus Knows My Battles 31 Day Challenge

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    Daily Challenge Reflection Notes

    End of the Month Reflection Notes