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ThaVine Revelations: The Podcast is hosted by Ashley Thomas, a wife, mom, daughter, and most importantly a Jesus lover and follower. Throughout this podcast you will find episodes that are full of breakthrough, testimony, and Biblical Truth! So if you want REAL JESUS, REAL FAITH, AND REAL LIFE, this is the place to be! I am so grateful for my listeners and I thank you so much for listening to and supporting ThaVine Revelations: The Podcast. I enjoy sharing the word of God, and  providing the tools and resources for you to walk in  freedom and achieve the life that God has promised you. 

Partnering with me on Patreon is a great way for me to be able to create more content, upgrade my equipment to provide better quality episodes, provide more resources (courses, digital downloads, videos, and more).I understand that not everyone is able to give, I appreciate any and all support that you give to help me keep this dream alive and to keep sharing my testimony, and the word of God with others. I am forever grateful and thankful for this platform and my listeners. 


Many Blessings, Ashley

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My Mission

If you feel like you were created to create, but do not know where to start, I can help! 

I help women learn how to create for their faith - based business while on a budget! 


My purpose is to help you to use your testimony to create for your faith based business while on a budget! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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