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Meet Ashley

Certified Transformational Coach & Kingdom Entrepreneur

I came from a relatively broken life. In 2018 before I decided to make a change of my own, I was exhausted from life. I was simply TIRED! Tired of struggling with confidence and lack of purpose. Although I owned a graphic design business, that wasn't enough. 

I would still go back and forth through the same circumstances, environments, and situations every year and ended up broken and with nothing.  I was so tired of being stuck.


After all of the "why is this happening to me" conversations with God, I found myself fed up of trying to handle things on my own. I said to myself, "SOMETHING HAS GOT TO BREAK."

I wanted change so bad that I, along with my kids, ended up homeless trying to break those chains and decision making habits.

I Prayed…. Praised…. Prepared….. Started what is now a successful brand & ministry from scratch, on a budget with NOTHING!  


Now, I have found my passion and my confidence! It's teaching others how to do the same!

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My Approach:

Now that I as a certified Transformational Life Coach, and CBT Practitioner, I use evidence-based talking & coaching that uses Biblical truths along with the cognitive model to help us understand ourselves and behavioral techniques to change how we think, what we do and how we feel.


Once we learn more about ourselves and the God who created us, we better understand out passion for creating. Once we understand our passion for creating, we learn how to turn our passion into a profit! 

Whether you are a new business owner, an existing one, or crafter, I am here to help provide you tips and strategies to start your business or craft without breaking the bank! 

Regardless of your need, you can count on me to help you locate the area that is holding you back and help you to get back on the path to the life that God has for you!

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